Refurbishing Your Old Bakery

Do you run a cozy old bakery on the corner of the street? A place the older people enjoy but the younger generation seem to avoid? If your buns and cakes are still the best in town, it might be a problem with the overall image of the shop rather than the quality of the goods itself and only requires a simple facelift to boost business and attract the young customers in. Here are a few simple ways of coolroom hire prices in Melbourne doing this.

An interesting color theme

A bright happy color theme with a few bold colors will make your bakery stand out. Maybe even a black and white theme of stripes or reds and sharp blues which are themes which make a very bold statement any day, are usually appealing to the younger generation. The trick however, is to mix it with a few lighter pastel shades to soften the edges of these harsh conditions and make it more homely and remaining appealing to the older generation.

The food

Keeping to the age old recipes are great as long as there is a demand for them. Sometimes you crave for that simple hot cross bun which can no longer be found in the modern bakeries so it is a good thing to stick to the old. However, adding a few more interesting and innovative ideas to the menu will do no harm. For the time being, if new equipment is necessary to make these new changes, cooking equipment hired instead of purchased to try out.

You can even get a commercial fridge through a short term fridge rental to try out new varieties for party catering equipment hire and drinks with more fizz or punch to it compared to the more traditional orange juice and coffee.

The furniture and internet

Pick out furniture which is comfortable to sit in for hours. The younger generation is used to accessing the Wi-Fi of a place and working from coffee shops with a plate of muffins and coffee before them. Thus, rather than the traditional couch with short coffee tables only, install a few high chairs and tables which are more laptop friendly. A few plug points along the walls to draw power to these will not go to waste as younger people now a day prefer to work from an environment with easy access to food rather than at a library, so you are bound to have customers who will sit in the shop the whole day sipping coffee and nibbling on cake, as long as you provide internet and power.