Tips On Your Car Upholstery Care

The interior of a car should be neat and clean. The neatness of interior not only increases our wish to travel by the car, but also it helps us feel good while traveling. When you are surrounded by dirt and garbage, surely you will not feel good. On the other hand, when we get into a car which is neat and clean and there is no odour, automatically the journey starts with a smile.

Perhaps you are wondering about how your car upholstery fills with dirt. The answer is you will never understand how when your car becomes a box of dirt. Soiled shoes, spilled drinks and the presence of children and pets are enough to fill your car with dirt. Cleaning program is a necessary one. If needed, from time to time, you should also opt for car car upholstery repair Sydney for your car.Here are some tips on your car upholstery care. 

A deep cleaning of carpet: if the surface carpet of the car remains dirty, it will not look descent, of course. Cleaning the carpet is not a very easy task at all. Mix a cup of vinegar and dish soap with hot water. Then pour it on the carpet and now rinse the dirt with brush. After brushing, let it dry for half an hour. Then, rinse it with normal water and let it dry. If your headliner is sagging, call your nearby mobile headliner repair service.Clean the spilled drinks right now: if you are going through a high way or driving on such a dangerous road, it is almost impossible to clean the spilled drinks at that moment. Drinks, like coffee, cola or juice, leave a bad stain on the carpet and seats as well. Always use cold water to clean the drinks and avoid hot water as it can fix the stain instead of removing it.

Use of glass cleaner: nowadays the use of liquid glass cleaner has increased to a great extent. These cleaners are effective for removing stains. But, before you use this type of glass cleaner, apply it on a clean area and notice if it is making any additional stain on the cover or not. If not, then one may use it in order to remove the stain.Use of hairspray: somehow your kids have spilled ink in the car, and you are worrying about how to remove the stain. We suggest using hairspray on the inked-area and the mark will vanish in no time. Don’t be panic stricken if there is a blood spot: if the car has gotten blood spot, then do not start to clean quickly. Avoid hot water and make a paste of cold water with the laundry detergent powder. Apply it on the stain and wait till it dry. Then, remove the stain with brush or vacuum cleaner.