Types Of Pallet Racking Commonly Used

Pallet racking is the most affordable and convenient way storing goods for warehouses. They have a higher storage capacity hence reducing the cost of storing goods since the costs of storing goods goes hand in hand with the capacity of the goods to be stored. Steel shelving is also become more common for the retail and wholesale shops as it is convenient for storing many small sized items or goods. Moreover the shelves are also durable and rust resistant, making them a preference for many people.

Before finding pallet racking for sale to purchase for one’s warehouse, it is important that one knows the different types of racks available. This will help in determining the most suitable for the job they are meant for. Pallet racks are of different types and each option is most suitable for a particular type of goods storage. To know more about used warehouse shelving.

There is the drive-in & and drive-through racks. They have configurations that make them suitable for forklift driving in the rows of stacked goods, called bay, directly. What makes the difference between the drive-through and the drive-in is whether there is an entry at one end or at both ends of the bay. The drive-in system have a common entry which is also used as the exit while the drive-through has entry points at both ends of the bay. The drive in uses a last in first out strategy for storage, popularly called LIFO since it only has one entry point. The drive-through uses a first in first out (FIFO) method for storage.

The push-back pallet are designed in such a way that it utilizes space by depth rather than width with second hand pallet racking at Specialized Storage Systems Pty Ltd. The depth arrangement is very convenient as it reduces the space of the aisle as well as increasing the storage density of the rack system. This configuration allows each bay to be on a depth of up to six pallets. Every pallet is on a cart with wheels on a rail for storage. This type of pallet configuration uses the LIFO strategy, like the best warehouse racking.

There is also the pallet flow system designed for high density storage systems. They utilize depth rather than width to increase the storage capacity. It uses rails that are inclined slightly with rollers which enable the pallets be easily locomotive along the plane that is sloped. They are also referred to as dynamic or gravity flow systems. This system can either be a LIFO or a FIFO storage system.

Mobile industrial racks are designed in such a manner that they maximize a warehouse’s storage space. They can reduce the pallet storage area up to a half the normal size used, or can accommodate more capacity of the pallet storage using the same storage space. Rows of pallet racks are mounted onto carriages with heavy duty rollers. Pallet racking installation is a cost-conscious way of storage as it has helped organizations to reduce the costs of building new storage rooms, expansion of buildings or warehouses through maximization of the storage spaces.